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Chem Sources



CIS Chemical Inventory System Standard Single User $ 499.00
CIS Chemical Inventory System Standard 5-User $ 1,299.00
CIS Chemical Inventory System Standard 15-User $ 2,499.00

     Chem Sources was conceived in a small office on Wall Street in New York City in 1958. It has evolved into the most authoritative and widely recognized chemical source directory among purchasing agents, chemists, researchers and industrialists.

Chem Sources is not restricted to certain classes of chemical products. You will find agriculturals, organics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, reagents, resins, etc., etc. Also included is a section of chemical trade name products and services provided by thousands of chemical manufacturers.

Major Products:

Chem Sources - International is a chemical buyer's guide published in the first quarter on a biennial schedule. Each edition is completely recompiled in accordance with information submitted to us by participating firms from countries around the world. Chem Sources - International includes the products of more than 8,000 chemical firms spanning 135 countries. The Chemical Section lists approximately 250,000 chemical compounds and the Trade Name and Classified Sections list some 25,000 Chemical Trade Names. The Company Directory gives all pertinent contact data necessary for making direct inquiries to each chemical firm.

CIS Chemical Inventory System: The CIS Chemical Inventory System is a high-performance, relational database system for tracking chemicals and other laboratory supplies.

     Chem Sources are in printed edition (USA/International), CD-ROM and online files via STN and DataStar.

Chemical Sources International, Inc.
P.O. Box 1824
Clemson, SC 29633
Phone: (864) 646-7840 Fax: (864) 646-9938

  Chem Sources vs. CHEMCATS (化学品目录、价格)
  化学品是否能购得?(Commercial availability of chemicals)

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