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STN Easy 功能增强 (1997-04-14)


Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997

From: "Eric Shively" <eshively@CAS.ORG>

Subject: STN Easy Enhancements Announced

CAS April 14, 1997


STN EASY EXPANDS COMPREHENSIVE, HIGH-QUALITY SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION Regulated Chemicals Lists and Chemical Catalog categories added to Web-based service

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 1997 - Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) announced today it has expanded STN Easy, a Web-based service that provides user-friendly access to the acclaimed STN scientific and technical information network, by adding two new research categories--Regulated Chemical Lists and Chemical Catalogs. The announcement was made at the Spring 1997 American Chemical Society National Meeting being held this week in San Francisco.

"STN Easy has experienced early success since it was released in December," said Suzan Brown, CAS Director of Marketing. "The Web-based interface makes searching and retrieving high-quality scientific information easy and cost-effective. By adding two new research categories that are supported by highly regarded CAS databases, we're bringing even more chemical information to the desktops of scientists and others interested in scientific and technical subjects."

STN Easy customers can now select the "Regulated Chemical Lists" category in STN Easy to access CHEMLIST, which contains more than 200,000 confidential and non-confidential substance records. Updated weekly, CHEMLIST covers the national chemical inventories from the United States (TSCA), Europe (EINECS/ELINCS), Canada (DSL/NDSL), Korea (ECL), Japan (ENCS) and Australia (AICS). In addition, CHEMIST includes Federal Advisory Lists, TSCA Sections of Law, State Lists and International Lists. The cost to display a full record from CHEMLIST is $20 plus the current $2 search fee.

By selecting the "Chemical Catalogs" category in STN Easy, users can access CHEMCATS, which contains more than 350,000 commercially available chemicals. For the first time, the combined offerings of more than 200 chemical suppliers are available in one easy-to-use Web-based location. Since the file is updated weekly, CHEMCATS information is frequently more current than printed catalogs. The cost to display a full record from CHEMCATS is $3.75 plus the current $2 search fee.

Both a demonstration and the product itself can be accessed at one of three Web locations, depending on customer location. From Europe, contact From Japan, contact, and from North America, contact Other locations can choose the nearest access point. STN Easy is a joint effort between CAS, FIZ Karlsruhe and the Japan Science and Technology Corporation.

For more information about STN Easy, those interested can call CAS Customer Service at 1-800-753-4227 or 614-447-3700, send electronic mail to or visit the Web site at one of the URLs mentioned above.

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