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常用化学数据表(Senior Chemistry Data Tables)


     Tables include:

Elemental Names and Their Origin
Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table of Ions
IUPAC's Abbreviated List of Quantities & Symbols in Physical Chemistry
Useful and Necessary Formulas
Common Physical and Chemical Constants
Electron Configuration of the Elements
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Flame Test Colours
Density of Gases at STP
The Changing Composition of Air During Respiration
Concentrations and Strengths of the Common Acid and Base Reagents
Common Polyatomic Ions and Their Charges
Ionization Energies
Pauling's Electronegativity Values of the Elements
Percent Ionic Character of a Single Chemical Bond
Atomic and Ionic Radii
Density of Water
Vapour Pressure of Water from -15oC to 300oC
Solubility Table of Some Ionic Compounds in Water

Compiled by Tom Stretton (

  水溶液热力学数据表(Molar Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Solute)
  纯物质热力学性质数据表(Molar Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Substance)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2002-11-05

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2002-11-05

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