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Prof. Kim D. Janda, The Scripps Research Institute


     Catalytic antibodies, combinatorial chemistry, enzyme inhibition, and immunophamacotherapy

[Renowned Expert(s)]
     Kim D. Janda

     Education of Kim D. Janda:

University of South Florida, Clinical Chemistry, B.S., 1980.
University of Arizona, Organic Chemistry, M.S., 1983.
Univ. of Arizona, Major-Organic Chemistry, Minor-Medicinal Chem. Ph.D.,1984.

Honorary and Professional Organizations of Kim D. Janda

Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship 1993-1995
NIH FIRST Award 1990-1995
Magna Cum Laude; Phi Beta Kappa (USF)
Scholar Athlete of the Year, University of South Florida, 1979-1980
Carl S. Marvel Fellowship, University of Arizona, 1984

Companies Founded: CombiChem

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