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How to Be a Good Mentor (如何成为一名好导师)


【收费情况】 免费

【作者】  Jill U. Adams

【来源杂志或书籍】  The Scientist

【卷(期):页】  Vol 18, No 15, p56

【出版日期】  Aug. 2, 2004

     As a mentor, your main responsibility is providing opportunities to conduct research. That involves providing a hypothesis or two, bench space and equipment time, training in techniques, office space and a lab coat, and analytic software and a computer. You also provide guidance on the processes involved, from experimental design to scientific communication, and that includes one-on-one appointments, weekly or monthly lab meetings, appraising data or raising up beers after work, event-specific gatherings, and rehearsing a presentation or editing a manuscript.

You are also a role model. When trainees watch in disbelief as you perform a difficult juggling maneuver--say, a seven-ring crossover pattern culminating in catching each ring around your neck--you break it down into a less complex process, maybe two beanbags and one simple pattern. You give your trainees the space to practice and make mistakes. Periodically, you check in on their progress, listening to frustrations and sharing successes. You nudge them further, adding a second pattern or a third beanbag. You also let them see you fumble the eighth ring yourself, and gamely try again.


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