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Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc. (物性估算)


     Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of computer software for physical property estimation and molecular design. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Kevin G. Joback, a leading expert in physical property estimation.He has developed a number of group contribution estimation techniques now widely used throughout the chemical industry.

Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc.
PO Box 10755
Bedford, NH 03110-0755, USA
Phone: 603-472-5315
FAX: 603-472-5359

     Synapse - A molecular design system focusing on the generation and screening of new molecular structures. Unlike traditional molecular design software, Synapse automatically constructs new chemicals and predicts their macroscopic physical properties.

Cranium - A physical property estimation package capable of estimating over 20 physical properties. Simply draw your molecule's structure or enter your mixture's composition and Cranium will provide rapid and accurate estimates.

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