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纯物质热力学性质数据表(Molar Thermodynamic Properties of Pure Substance)


     These molar values apply to pure substances at 25oC and exactly 100000 Pa (1.0 bar or 100 kPa) pressure. One standard atmosphere pressure is slightly higher, 101325 Pa, but the change in tabulated values between these two pressures is neglegible for all solids and liquids and minor even for gases. Physical states are indicated by c (crystalline solid), l (liquid), and g (gas). Different crystalline structures are designated by common or mineralogical names. Common names for selected compounds are also given. Values are taken from U.S.N.B.S. tables of molar thermodynamic properties (J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 11, Suppl. 2 (1982)) unless in italics.

Compiled by Tom Stretton (

  常用化学数据表(Senior Chemistry Data Tables)

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