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Pesticide Active Ingredient Information at Cornell University (农药活性成分信息数据库)



     Cornell University

     These pesticide profiles include the Extoxnet Pesticide Information Profiles as well as information taken from other sources, such as the EPA and the Federal Register. Pesticides are organized by type of pesticide and active ingredient.

Right now there are 1314 articles in the Profiles library.

Pesticide Profiles:
Biopesticides and Biocontrols
Fungicides and Nematicides
Herbicides and Growth Regulators
Inert Ingredients
Insecticides and Miticides
Miscellaneous Pesticides (Antimicrobial, Attractants, Bactericide, Disinfectant, etc.)
Plant-Incorporated Protectants (PIPs)
Rodenticides, Repellents, and Vertebrate Pesticides
Wood Preservatives

  Pesticide Properties Database (334种农药的化学与物理性质数据库PPD)

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