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Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry


【版本】6th ed.

【出版者】John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

     Ullmann’s - the unparalleled international authority and leading reference work in chemistry worldwide is available online. Ullmann's details scientific and technological knowledge in all areas of industrial chemistry under the guidance and supervision of a renowned, worldwide Editorial Advisory Board.

It contains approximately 1,000 major articles, written by almost 3,000 authors, who are experts in their fields and are affiliated with leading chemical companies or research organizations.

Some select articles (About Ullmann’s, Oxidation, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Anti-inflammatory Anti-rheumatic Drugs, and Beer) can be download free of charge

  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  文章样篇: Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry
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  Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology & Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (工业化学手册比较)

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