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沥青学会(Asphalt Institute)


     The Asphalt Institute is a U.S. based association of international petroleum asphalt producers, manufacturers, and affiliated businesses. The Asphalt Institute's mission is to promote the use, benefits, and quality performance of petroleum asphalt, through engineering, research, and educational activities, and through the resolution of issues affecting the industry.

Membership in the Asphalt Institute provides:
A staff of professional engineers located around the United States that is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and expanding the asphalt market.

Engineering and promotion provided routinely through publication development and education seminars that ensure specifiers will continue to choose asphalt.

Specific engineering and work for large projects that has and will continue to persuade a pavement selection committee to use asphalt instead of other materials.

Engineering assistance specifically for your company such as assisting your company on the development, production, and follow-up of a large project that could have repercussions on the selection of asphalt materials for years to come.

Acceptance by the transportation community as engineering expertise that can often open doors that are closed to member company representatives.

State-of-the-art Research Center with staff and equipment that is available to assist your company with projects or to conduct research that affects the entire asphalt industry.

Superpave specification system engineering expertise both in the lab and in the field around the United States.

A direct voice in the only organization solely devoted to the asphalt market. Committee participation allows you to set the direction on issues such as the research into asphalt fumes.

New market ideas that have been developed in other areas of the United States.

Access to information demonstrating the environmental friendliness of asphalt materials.

Communications such as reports on industry events; asphalt sales reports; Asphalt Institute publications and magazines; opportunities to speak to nation-wide audiences of asphalt users via seminars; discounts on specific services.

Asphalt Institute
Research Park Drive
P.O. Box 14052
Lexington, KY 40512-4052
Phone: (859) 288-4960
Fax: (859) 288-4999

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