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美国德州A&M大学化学系:Jack H. Lundsford教授的研究小组 (多相催化与表面化学)


     Heterogeneous Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

     Jack H. Lundsford, Professor
Ph. D., Rice University

Paul H. Emmett Award
Burwell Lecturer in Catalysis
Humboldt Research Award
ACS Award in Petroleum Chemistry
ACS Award for Creative Research in Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Catalysis

Ofc: (409) 845-3455
Fax: (409) 845-4719
Email: Lunsford@Mail.Chem.Tamu.Edu

Their research is devoted to fundamental studies of catalysts and catalytic reactions that are of technological importance. They are interested in discovering new principles that have broad application in catalysis. An example is the role of surface generated gas phase radicals in catalytic reactions. Speculation concerning the role of such radicals has appeared in the literature for many years; however, only recently have they developed techniques for detecting these radicals and demonstrating that radical reactions constitute a major pathway for the formation of the desired products.

A major focus of the research is the partial oxidation of methane to more useful compounds, such as ethane and methanol. They have made progress in developing catalysts for the conversion of methane to ethane and ethene and in establishing that the oxidative dimerization reaction proceeds through methyl radicals, which couple primarily in the gas phase. Currently, they are attempting to synthesize new catalysts that are more selective in the activation of methane. The introduction of chlorine, for example, has a very positive effect on the yield of ethene. Research is also underway to determine the types of oxygen ions that are capable of activating methane. FTIR, XPS, ESR, and Raman spectroscopies are used in these experiments. A matrix-isolation ESR system is being used to explore the rates of reaction between methyl radicals and metal oxide surfaces. Other surface-generated radicals are detected by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy.

  2002年美国化学会国家奖获得者 (ACS 2002 National Award Recipients)

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