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美国NIST热力学研究中心Thermodynamics Research Center (TRC), NIST


     The Thermodynamics Research Center (TRC) is one of the oldest data research centers in the United States. For over 59 years, the TRC has produced a great number of the periodical compilations and electronic databases that have become a major source of recommended data for scientific research and industrial process design.

The TRC Thermodynamic Tables - Hydrocarbons and the TRC Thermodynamic Tables - Non-Hydrocarbons are technical resources cited regularly by authors in technical and scientific journals as a reputable source of evaluated thermophysical and thermodynamic data. The International Data Series, Selected Data on Mixtures, is another important data source available from TRC.

After rejoining The National Institute of Standards and Technology in September, 2000 TRC continues to offer hard-copy and electronic databases to its customers in industry and academia.

  TRC热力学数据表:烃类(TRC Thermodynamic Tables - Hydrocarbons)
  TRC热力学数据表:非烃类(TRC Thermodynamic Tables - Non-Hydrocarbon)

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