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     The Institute for Green Oxidation Chemistry has been established at Carnegie Mellon University as a research, education and development center in which a holistic approach to sustainability science is being developed.

The research of the Institute is focused in the third of three major problem areas where green chemists can make major contributions to sustainability.

First, renewable energy technologies, especially solar technologies, will be the central pillar of a sustainable high technology civilization. The contribution chemists can make here relates to the development of the economically feasible conversion of solar into chemical energy and the improvement of solar to electrical energy conversion.

Second, chemical feed stocks must increasingly be obtained from renewable sources to reduce our dependence upon fossilized carbon and to protect the atmosphere.

Third, polluting technologies must be replaced by benign alternatives. Research carried out in the Institute is focused on the pollution reduction component of green or sustainable chemistry. Research programs are evolving around the scientific and technological development of TAML hydrogen peroxide activators which where invented in the Collins Group and which have been extensively patented and trademarked by Carnegie Mellon University as explained on this website.


Terry Collins
Thomas Lord Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Carnegie Mellon University
4400 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

tel: (412) 268-6335

  多媒体资料:Terry Collins所作的有关绿色氧化化学演讲

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