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Merck Synopsis online(制药原料库)



     The present synopsis encompasses 2600 pharmaceutical active and auxiliary substances from 12 pharmacopoeias in alphabetical order of the Latin substance names, these having been derived from the corresponding INN-designations (International Nonproprietary Name) using the "Roman" Latin. Only the pure raw materials have been included; preparations, surgical materials, sera, reagents and radioactive substances have not been taken into account.

In detail, the synopsis for each raw material begins with the Latin name of the product concerned followed by the chemical designation in English, which in most cases corresponds with the IUPAC rules (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry). An exact identification of the substance is made possible by additionally mentioning the CAS-No., the registration number of the "Chemical Abstracts Service". - In case of drugs these data have been replaced by the botanical designation of the source plant.

The main designations used therein have been marked by an abbreviation of the respective pharmacopoeia in capital letters whereas in case of synonyms the respective abbreviations have been used in small letters. In selecting the pharmacopoeias we limited ourselves in principle on those which appeared after 1979. In detail these are:

BP: BP 99 incl. BP/VET (British Pharmacopoeia)
DAB: DAB 1999 (German Pharmacopoeia)
DAC: DAC 1997-1999 (German Drug Codex)
EUR/D, EUR/E, EUR/F: Ph Eur 3 (1997)+ Suppl. 1998-2000 (European Pharmacopoeia - German, French and English editions)
FRAN?: Ph Fran? X + Suppl. 1-13 (1983-1996) (French Pharmacopoeia)
FU: FU IX + Suppl. I-IV (1985-1996) (Italian Pharmacopoeia
HELV: Ph Helv 8 (1997) + Suppl. 1998/1999 (Swiss Pharmacopoeia)
INT: Ph Int III (1979-1994) (International Pharmacopoeia)
JP: Ph JP XIII (1996) + Suppl. I + II (1999) (Japanese Pharmacopoeia)
NF: NF 19 (1999) + Suppl. 1 (1999) ( US National Formulary)
OEAB: OEAB 1990 + Suppl. 1-6 (1990-1999) (Austrian Pharmacopoeia)
USP: USP 24 (1999) + Suppl. 1 (1999) (US Pharmacopoeia)

The synopsis can be considered to be a useful tool in answering the frequently arising question, in which pharmacopoeias and under which designation a pharmaceutical raw material may be found. Therefore, the present list should be a helping hand for workers in registration offices and in quality control as well as in purchasing and translation departments of pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, our compilation cannot replace the standard handbooks, e.g. the "Index Nominum", "The Merck Index" and the German "List of Pharmaceutical Substances".

  Merck (默克公司)
  Merck Chemicals (在线产品目录、MSDS, 曾经称为ChemDat)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-09-11

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2003-12-13

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