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Accounts of Chemical Research


【出版者】 American Chemical Society


     In short critical articles, this popular journal offers an easy-to-read overview of basic research and applications in all areas of chemistry and biochemistry.

Contributors to Accounts of Chemical Research are active, recognized investigators usually writing about their own work. Articles describe current developments, clarify controversies, and link the latest advances with past and future research. Occasional special issues are devoted to a single area of unusual activity and significance.

Editor: Joan S. Valentine, University of California, Los Angeles
Volume: 34 (2000), 12 issues
Print Edition ISSN: 0001-4842
Web Edition ISSN: 1520-4898

     Free TOC, 1968 (Vol.1) -
Fulltext, 1968 (Vol.1) -

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  美国加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校化学与生物化学系:Joan S. Valentine教授的研究小组

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