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Handbook of Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams (10 Volume Set)


【作者】Edited by Pierre Villars, Alan Prince, H. Okamoto

【出版者】ASM International




     Handbook of Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams (10 Volume Set)

This is largest collection of ternary phase diagrams and related crystal structure data ever assembled can be found in this 10 volume set. Some features of the reference set:

18,000 published diagrams
Exhaustive bibliographies by Dr. Prince
Includes diagrams from the compilations from the International Programme for Alloy Phase Diagrams
7,380 ternary systems
ternary phase diagrams for 3,317 alloy systems
Crystallographic data on 7,050 systems
Includes liquidus projections, isotherms, isopleths, and pseudobinaries
All diagrams were redrawn to uniform standards for easy use and comparison
Temperatures given in degrees C and all compositions given in atomic%
relative orientation of elements is standardized (no rotating or mirroring needed)
Angle between composition scales in all horizontal views (projections and isothermal sections) standardized at 60 degrees
More than 43,000 citations of included literature
most composition scales are identical within a diagram
Boundary regions adjusted to critically evaluated binary diagrams


2-97 / TG113.14-62 / V72 / 外文图书子库 / 外文基藏 9层


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