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矿物处理与萃取冶金Minerals Engineering International


     MEI Online is a service of Minerals Engineering International, and is intended to provide a source of information to the worldwide mineral processing and extractive metallurgy community. Access to all of the information on the pages of MEI Online is free.

Category includes:

Gravity Concentration | Comminution | Solid-Liquid Separation | Electrometallurgy | Computer Applications
Froth Flotation | Biotechnology | Pyrometallurgy | Magnetic/Elec. Separation | Environmental | Consultancy
Sizing & Classification | Reagents | Analytical | Hydrometallurgy | Control & Instrumentation | General

Minerals Engineering International (MEI) is based in the beautiful Cornish town of Falmouth, in the extreme South-West of England, and only a few miles from the famous Camborne-Redruth mining area, once the world's greatest producer of copper and tin.

The role of MEI is to disseminate information to the mineral processing community via:

The Internet. MEI Online was launched in January 1999, to provide a central source of information for minerals engineers around the world.

High quality international conferences. Since their inception in 1991, Minerals Engineering Conferences have developed a reputation for bringing together groups of high profile academics, researchers and industrialists, to discuss the latest developments in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. MEI's policy in organising these events has been to seek the collaboration of internationally recognised Centres of Excellence.

Minerals Engineering. This internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journal is published by Elsevier Science Ltd, and edited by Dr. Barry Wills of MEI. Each monthly issue contains papers from leading researchers in the field.

The senior partners of MEI are:

Dr. Barry Wills: Barry's career in mineral processing began in 1969, when he left Leeds University to work for 4-years in Zambia with Nchanga Consolidated Copper Mines Ltd. On his return to the UK, he worked for a year as a senior development engineer with Johnson Matthey Ltd, before taking up the post of Senior Lecturer at the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall, where he was actively involved in the squash and cricket teams, as well as diving on some of the many shipwrecks around the Cornish coast. During his time at Camborne he found time to write the text-book Mineral Processing Technology, and in 1988 founded the Minerals Engineering journal. Barry left CSM in 1996 to concentrate on the organisation of Minerals Engineering Conferences, and to establish MEI.

Dr. Amanda Wills: Amanda joined Minerals Engineering International part-time while writing up her PhD. Her academic career started with a degree in marine biology at the University of Wales Swansea, and after a year off to travel she undertook a PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Birmingham.
As a full-time partner in MEI, her main responsiblity is MEI Online and the MEI Online Update newsletter. As well as taking care of the web site, Amanda also helps with the organisation of the Minerals Engineering conferences.

  Minerals Engineering

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