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International Data Series, Selected Data on Mixtures, Series A (有机化合物混合物数据)



【价格】2001 Annual Subscription Rate - $965

【ISBN】ISSN 0147-1503

     A serial publication, initiated by TRC in 1973, IDS contains fully documented tabular experimental data for non-electrolyte mixtures of organic compounds. The IDS tables provide data for one or more properties of mixtures that contain components selected from among 500 pure compounds. Broadly classified, these pure compounds include simple aliphatic, alicyclic and aryl nitrogen-containing organic compounds; mono- and heterofunctional oxygen-containing organic compounds; hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons; and sulfides, disulfides and sulfoxides.

The data presented in these tables provide equilibrium thermodynamic data and physical properties of binary systems. The table include P-V-T; phase equilibrium (LVE, LLE, SLE), compressibility, mixture critical properties, excess volumes, excess enthalpies and excess heat capacities, as well as derived properties, such as the excess Gibbs function. Estimates of uncertainties appear for each of the measured variables, as well as purity of materials, and measurement method. Outstanding investigators from around the world contribute original, critically evaluated experimental data. The complete set contains more than 6,500 tables published in 88 issues, with approximately 75 tables per issue.

Four issues per year and a cumulative index are available on a subscription basis.


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