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食品加工业在线: Food Online


     Managing Editor: Pam Ahlberg, free membership, VerticalNet, Inc. launched Food Online

Food Online, the premier Internet source for the food processing industry. The site is directed to plant engineers, production managers, manufacturing engineers, processing technicians, operations supervisors, and business managers involved in the food processing industry. It provides daily news updates and reports on business and technology trends vital to the industry.
Process engineers and technicians, production engineers and technicians, plant managers, quality control/quality assurance technologists, and marketing and business managers will find information on Food Online about mixers, blenders, homogenizers, conveyors, sorters, graders, metal detectors, flowmeters, pumps, tanks, valves, freezers, chillers, heat exchangers, moisture controls, pH meters and sensors.

Food Online also covers quality control and quality assurance systems, information management systems, process control systems and equipment, as well as clean-in-place systems, inspection equipment, measurement systems, sanitation systems, and x-ray equipment.

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