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国际专利信息奖 International Patent Information Award (IPI Award)


     In many areas of sciences and the arts there are awards acknowledging the significant achievements of individuals and their service towards the advancement of their fields. Prior to the year 2000, no such award existed in the field of patent information and related disciplines. However, there were many individuals who, through their ideas, hard work, dedication, and personal leadership, had made a significant positive impact on the profession as well as the patent and scientific community as a whole.

The ‘International Patent Information Award’ or ‘IPI Award’ was therefore established and has been presented on an annual basis since the year 2000. The Award is aimed at recognizing individual contributions towards the advancement of patent information and related disciplines, and to the patent information world in general, and is not limited to producers and service providers.

The Award, established and sponsored by Technology & Patent Research (TPR) International, consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $3000 or other currency equivalent.

Nominations for the IPI Award are gathered from the patent community for submission to an International Selection Board. The Board is responsible for evaluating the nominations and for selecting the recipient each year.

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2003-07-15

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