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化学反应名称索引Reaction Index


     Conceived by Bogdan Bogdanov, Maintained by Bogdan Bogdanov , Zoran Zdravkovski and Kiril Hristovski

Created October 4, 1996; last updated May 18, 1997.
Institute of Chemistry, Skopje, Macedonia

     Chemistry, since the times of Antoine Lavoiser, has made efforts to systematically name chemical compounds, however, it has not been very successful in developing a nomenclature of chemical reactions. The IUPAC Commission on Physical Organic Chemistry has recommended a system for naming not reactions but transformations - a transformation shows only the substrate and product, whereas a reaction includes all the reactants. Apparently this has its merits, but it has not been widely accepted yet.

Consequently, many reactions are known by the name of the scientists who discovered, popularized or studied them. This is a list of such reactions, with the hope of building a database containing a graphical abstract and the original reference for each one of them.

  Named Organic Reactions Collection from the University of Oxford (有机合成中的命名反应库)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2001-04-05

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2001-04-05

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