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Crystallography Open Database (晶体结构数据)



     Advisory Board of COD:

Daniel Chateigner, Xiaolong Chen, Marco Ciriotti, Lachlan M.D. Cranswick, Robert T. Downs, Armel Le Bail, Luca Lutterotti, Hareesh Rajan, Alexandre F.T. Yokochi

     A small team of engaged scientists with some experience in database and software design coordinate the Crystallography Open Database (COD) project based on free and automated software

a) for maintaining the database,
b) for data evaluation and calculation of derived data (e.g. calculated powder pattern from crystal structures for search-match purposes),
c) for browsing and retrieval.

The COD will be nothing else than a keyword-searchable Web server of crystal structure atomic coordinates, preserving the data after publication as well as unpublished data.

Up to 03/09/2003: 12000 entries in the COD

     All data on this site have been placed in the public domain by the contributors.

  eCrystals - Southampton (晶体结构数据共享库)

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