ChIN简介页:Atmospheric Chemistry Air Quality Glossary at Sam Houston State University (大气化学空气质量术语表)
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Atmospheric Chemistry Air Quality Glossary at Sam Houston State University (大气化学空气质量术语表)


     The definitions in this glossary were initially generated by the students in a senior level class studying air quality and atmospheric chemistry at Sam Houston State University during the spring of 1995 in a course entitled Environmental Science 440/Chemistry 442, AIR QUALITY. In the main, they wrote these definitions as part of a class requirement. The references found at the end of most entries are an effort to supply additional resources for each of the terms. No supposition of comprehensiveness or absolute correctness can be assumed in any way. Many of the glossary entries have hypertext links to other sites on the InterNet. These external links were valid in the Spring semester of 2002 and are updated and augmented each year.

This Glossary is maintained by Chemistry Department of Sam Houston State University

Summary by 杨宏伟 on 2003-03-21

Last updated by 杨宏伟 on 2003-03-21

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