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     This experimental project is directed at obtaining phase equilibria and other data on systems of important industrial chemicals. Other systems studied will be selected specifically to augment predictive techniques such as UNIFAC or ASOG, which estimate phase equilibria from data based on the molecular group structure of each component.

Budget: Recent past budgets have been as follows:

1997 $52,195 Funded and partially disbursed
1998 $45,350 Funded and partially distributed
1999 $59,800 Funded and partically distributed
2001 $59,800 Funded and partically distributed
2002 $32,000 Proposed

Over the project life, more than 315 systems have been measured. Of these systems, 250 have been published in the AIChE Symposium Series or the DIPPR? Data Series, Remaining systems will be published periodically in the American Chemical Society_$B!G!)_(B Journal of Chemical And Engineering Data. Most of these systems have not been available previously anywhere else in the open literature.


John R. Cunningham
Simulation Sciences, Inc.

Project Investigators

Jurgen Gmehling
Web site:

Stanislaw Malanowski
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences

Kenneth N. Marsh
University of Canterbury

W. Vincent Wilding
Brigham Young University

  DIPPR (物性数据)
  International Data Series, Selected Data on Mixtures, Series A (有机化合物混合物数据)

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