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Catalysis Research Center (CRC), Hokkaido University


     The Research Institute for Catalysis at Hokkaido University, founded in 1943, was re-established as the Catalysis Research Center (CRC) in 1989. In 1998, CRC was expanded to a center currently consisting of three divisions with nine areas, (eight professors, seven associate professors, eight research associates) and a Visiting Scientist Division with two areas (two professors (one of the two is a foreign scientist), one associate professor). It is well known that catalysis plays an important role in the areas of environment, energy and nano-technology.

At the beginning of 1999, an overseas branch was opened as Peking University-Hokkaido University Joint Laboratory at Peking University in Beijing, China. Research facilities were rented, researchers were employed, and instruments were sent to the laboratories from Japan. In May 2002, an official contract between the Department of Chemistry of Peking University and CRC was signed to support their international collaboration. An official contract for the collaboration with Department of Chemical Engineering of Petroleum University (Beijing) was also signed in 2001. The Petroleum University-Hokkaido University laboratory was established and is currently engaged in joint research.

Laboratory of Active Surface Structure and Properties
ASAKURA, Kiyotaka Professor
CHUN Wang-Jae Associate Professor
SUZUKI, Shushi Research Associate
KAWAI Toshihide Postdoctoral Fellow
NIIMI, Hironobu Postdoctoral Fellow

Laboratory of Surface Reaction Dynamics
MATSUSHIMA, Tatsuo Professor
YAMANAKA, Toshiro Research Associate
HIRATSUKA, Atsuko Technical Staff
MA, Yunsheng Postdoctoral Fellow

Laboratory of Interfacial Spectrochemistry
OSAWA, Masatoshi Professor
YE, Shen Associate Professor

Laboratory of Catalytic Reaction Chemistry
OHTANI, Bunsho Professor
TORIMOTO, Tsukasa Associate Professor
WANG, Sheng Postdoctoral Fellow

Laboratory of Advanced Catalyst Design
ICHIKAWA, Masaru Professor
FUKUOKA, Atsushi Associate Professor
KOJIMA , Ryoichi Research Associate
SUZUKI, Hisao Technical Staff
MAO, Hongtao Research Associate Dr.

Laboratory of Advanced Material Design
UEDA, Wataru Professor
TAKEGUCHI, Tatuya Associate Professor
SADAKANE, Masahiro Research Associate
KUBO, Jun Postdoctoral Research Associate

Laboratory of Catalysis in Organic Synthesis
TAKAHASHI, Tamotsu Professor
OGASAWARA, Masamichi Associate Professor
KANNO, Kenichiro Research Associate

Laboratory of Molecular Assemblies
TSUJI, Yasushi Professor
TOKUNAGA, Makoto Associate Professor
OBORA, Yasushi Research Associate

Laboratory of Metal Complex Catalysis
GUMHALTER, Branko Professor (University of Zagreb)

Laboratory of Catalyst Functions
ITAYA, kingo Professor
(School of Engineering, Tohoku University)
HASEGAWA, Yukio Associate Professor
(The Institute for Solid State Physics, Tokyo University)

Laboratory of Catalyst Properties

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