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Pacific Simulation (造纸过程模拟)


     Pacific Simulation is a consulting and software development firm of chemical engineers, software engineers and mathematicians dedicated to offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to challenges in the pulp and paper industry. With projects in over fifty mills on two continents, we offer clients a diversity of experience. PacSim's products and engineering expertise have been applied to many successful projects.

The solutions developed by PacSim take on many forms, and often involve the application, adaptation or creation of computer software. The software tools which have been developed by PacSim are the result of solving problems in the pulp and paper industry, not a goal in themselves. Some solutions are in the form of software for the end-user, and some solutions take the form of services to clients. Pacific Simulation's three primary independent software packages are WinGEMS, FactNet and IMAS.

     WinGEMS is a premier process simulation tool that merges the ease of use of a graphical interface with the 25+ years of experience and process knowledge contained in the GEMS modular simulator. The computer simulations produced by combining the process modules of this comprehensive modeling tool have a wide range of applications including: evaluating alternative equipment layouts, designing new processes, assisting and documenting compliance with environmental regulations, troubleshooting existing operations and improving profitability.

FactNet is a powerful tool which analyzes large numbers of process variables and presents the results in a clear, concise graphical display. FactNet's representation of the interrelationships among process and pulp and paper quality variables allows process engineers to predict consistency out of high consistency refiners, predict Kappa and viscosity from batch and continuous digesters, and perform on-line validated process signals for use in advanced control systems and performing on-line troubleshooting. When used in conjunction with IMAS, FactNet is unequaled for on-line, real time control of pulp and paper quality.

IMAS (Integrated Millwide Analysis System) creates a central repository of comprehensive, pertinent mill operations data that can be utilized by advanced analysis tools to solve tough, cross-departmental or millwide issues. However, IMAS is much more than a data collection and display program. It works with analysis tools such as FactNet, WinGEMS, Event Profiler and model based controllers to determine and control pulp and paper quality. IMAS can also be used as a platform for advanced control, providing a constantly higher level of control, reduced variation and increased profit. The IMAS system is an integral part of PacSim's Real Time Cost Reduction Solutions.

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