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亨利常数Henry's Law Constants (Solubilities)



     Rolf Sander
Air Chemistry Department
Max-Planck Institute of Chemistry
PO Box 3060
55020 Mainz

     This is a compilation for Henry's law constants (solubilities) for tropospheric modeling of clouds and aerosol particles.

The Henry's law constants kH, which can (unfortunately) be defined in several ways and expressed using different units, have been converted into a uniform format (unit: mol dm-3 atm-1). The current version contains about 2200 data entries for more than 900 species collected from over 250 references.

The list contains Henry's law constants for several organic and inorganic species in water. The Henry's law constant is defined here as the ratio of the aqueous-phase concentration of a chemical to its equilibrium partial pressure in the gas phase.

Henry's law refers to small concentrations (lim c-->0). Maximum solubilities are not included. Solubility products, i.e. products of ion concentrations are not included either.
Henry's law constants for solvents other than water are not included.

     It (in PDF/postscript) can be freely downloaded from the site.

To cite this work, please cite it as:

R. Sander (1999)
Compilation of Henry's Law Constants for Inorganic and Organic Species of Potential Importance in Environmental Chemistry (Version 3)

  德国马普学会:化学研究所 (Max Planck Insititute of Chemistry)

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