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Misys Healthcare Systems (医疗信息系统)


     Misys Healthcare Systems is part of the Misys Group of Companies' the United Kingdom's largest independent applications software products company that provides information systems that serve the healthcare, banking and insurance markets. Misys Healthcare Systems was officially launched on January 23, 2002, with the merger of industry leaders Medic Computer Systems, Sunquest Information Systems and Home Care Information Systems

Misys Healthcare Systems is a leading provider of healthcare information systems for the entire continuum of patient care. Misys Healthcare Systems designs, develops, and supports a comprehensive suite of information products for hospitals, independent laboratories, physician practices and long-term care providers that serve the healthcare IT industry's broadening spectrum of needs. In addition to 85,000 physicians, 1,250 hospitals and 850 home care providers, the company's large, well-established customer base includes hundreds of laboratories, clinics, managed services organizations and other related organizations.

Misys Healthcare Systems History

Founded during 1982 and headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Medic Computer Systems brings practice management software, Electronic Medical Records solutions, E-Commerce services, an Internet portfolio of services, and business transaction capabilities to Misys Healthcare Systems.

Sunquest Information Systems has been providing clinical data management solutions since 1979. Their capabilities enable Misys Healthcare Systems to design, develop and support a comprehensive suite of information products for hospitals, independent laboratories and healthcare networks that include laboratory, radiology and pharmacy systems.

Sunquest's consulting division, Balanced View Consulting, provides a wide array of management and technical tools, including lab redesign and optimization, outreach and lab network program development, operational business and implementation plans, project management and assessment services.

HCIS was formed during 1982 and has become the industry leader in information management solutions for home care organizations. The company accommodates all home health, hospice and private duty organizations: small companies to large enterprises; nonprofit and proprietary; freestanding, provider-based and governmental; independent and chain.

Misys plc founded in 1979 and originally funded with private capital, Misys began as a computer systems supplier for UK insurance brokers. The company rapidly grew organically and began trading on the UK Unlisted Securities Market in March 1987, with a subsequent listing on the main London Stock Exchange in 1989.

In 1988, Misys set out to broaden its range of activities and strengthen its market position through a series of acquisitions. The company acquired several companies whose presence grew Misys' international focus in the banking and insurance sectors prior to the convergence of three US-based, industry-leading healthcare IT companies. This convergence formed the basis for Misys Healthcare Systems and solidified the company's presence in the US.

Misys Healthcare Systems
8529 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615

     Misys Healthcare Systems offers products through its Physician Systems, Hospital Systems and Homecare Systems business units that serve healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the entire continuum of patient care.

Physician Systems provides software solutions for:

Practice management
Electronic medical records
Mobile applications

Hospital Systems provides software solutions for:

Hospital laboratories
Hospital pharmacies
Hospital radiology departments
Healthcare networks
Independent Labs

Homecare Systems provides software solutions for:

Home health
Private duty

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