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Allen J. Bard (电化学)


     Received his early education in the public schools of New York City and attended The City College of New York (B.Sc., summa cum laude, 1955). He did his graduate work at Harvard University with J. J. Lingane (M.A., 1956; Ph.D., 1958) in electroanalytical chemistry. In 1958 he joined the faculty of The University of Texas at Austin where he currently holds the Norman Hackerman/Welch Regents' Chair in Chemistry. His research interests have been in the application of electrochemical methods to the study of chemical problems and include investigations in electro-organic chemistry, photoelectrochemistry, electrogenerated chemiluminescence, and electroanalytical chemistry. He has published three books (Electrochemical Methods, with Larry Faulkner, Integrated Chemical Systems, and Chemical Equilibrium) and over 600 papers and chapters while editing the series Electroanalytical Chemistry (21 volumes) and the Encyclopedia of the Electrochemistry of the Elemen ts (16 volumes) and co-editing the monograph, Standard Potentials in Aqueous Solution. He is currently editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Selected Honors and Awards

1955 Ward Medal in Chemistry
1976 Analyst of the Year (Dallas Society of Analytical Chemistry)
1977 Sherman Mills Fairchild Scholar (Cal. Tech.)
1980 Harrison Howe Award (American Chemical Society, Rochester Section)
1981 Carl Wagner Memorial Award (Electrochemical Society)
1982 National Academy of Sciences
1983 City College of New York Alumni Scientific Achievement Award
1984 Bruno Breyer Memorial Award (Royal Australian Chem. Inst.)
1984 Fisher Award in Analytical Chemistry (American Chemical Society)
1984 Charles N. Reilley Award (Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry, Pittsburgh Conf.)
1986 Henry Linford Award (Electrochemical Society)
1986 Docteur Honoris Causa (Universite de Paris-VII)
1986 N.Y. Academy of Sciences Award in Math. and Physical Sciences
1987 Willard Gibbs Award (American Chemical Society, Chicago Section)
1987 Olin-Palladium Medal (Electrochemical Society) 1988 Analytical Chemistry Award in Electrochemistry (American Chemical Society)
1988 Woodward Professor (Harvard University)
1989 Townsend Harris Medal (The City College of New York)
1989 Oesper Award (American Chemical Society, Cincinnati Section)
1990 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1990 Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Analytical Chemistry (Eastern Analytical Symposium)
1992 G. M. Kosolapoff Award (American Chemical Society)
1992 Luigi Galvani Medal (Societ? Chimica Italiana)
1995 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award (University of Texas at Austin)
1996 Sigillum Magnum (Universit? di Bologna)
1998 National Academy of Sciences Award in Chemical Sciences
1998 Pauling Award (American Chemical Society, Puget Sound and Portland Sections)
1999 American Philosophical Society
2000 Honorary Doctorate (Texas A&M University)
2001 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award (Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh)
2001 Robert W. Hamilton Career Research Excellence Award (UT Co-op Society)
2002 Priestley Medal (American Chemical Society)

Selected Recent Lectureships

1995 Howard Ritter Memorial Lecturer (Miami University)
1995 Arthur D. Little Lecturer (Northeastern University)
1995 L. B. Rogers Lecturer (University of Georgia)
1996 FMC Plenary Lectures (Princeton University)
1997 Renfrew Lecture (University of Idaho)
1997 Northwest Lectureship in Physical Chemistry (University of Oregon)
1998 Soc. of Analytical Chemists/Spectroscopy Soc. of Pittsburgh (Penn State)
1999 Lemieux Lectureship (University of Ottawa)
1999 Chancellor's Distinguished Lecturer (Louisiana State University)
2000 Probst Lecturer (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville)
2000 Thomas Lecture (University of Missouri)
2000 Basterfield Lecture (University of Regina)
2000 Amy-Mellon Lecture (Purdue University)
2000 Brian Bent Memorial Lecture (Columbia University)

Selected Activities

National Academy of Sciences, Chemistry Section, Chairman (1996-99)
NRC Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology (1982-1987; Co-chair, 1985-87)
NRC Board on Energy and Environmental Systems (1983-86)(1993- )
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), President (1991-1993)
IUPAC CHEMRAWN Conference on Ocean Resources (Co-chair, 1987)
American Chemical Society, Editor-in-chief, Journal of the American Chemical Society (1982-2001)
Weizmann Institute, Board of Governors (1995-2000)

  2002年美国化学会国家奖获得者 (ACS 2002 National Award Recipients)
  Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd Edition
  Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (Monographs in Electroanalytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry Series Volume: 8)
  Electroanalytical Chemistry: A Series of Advances
  第10届电分析化学国际会议 (ESEAC 2004)(2004-06-06)

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