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糖类(碳水化合物)拉曼谱图库SPECARB (Raman Spectra of Carbohydrates)



     Soren Balling Engelsen
Food Technology, Dairy and Food Science, Royal Vet. and Agricultural University, Denmark

     SPECARB is an experimental database containing Raman spectra of carbohydrates. It is intended to contain solid state Raman spectra of carbohydrates from the monomers and their derivatives to complex polysaccharides. Unless otherwise stated, the spectra are sampled on a Perkin Elmer System 2000 interferometer using a Nd:YAG laser. To obtain comparable spectra they will be recorded using the following parameters:

Excitation: 1064 nm
Laser power: 400 mW
Raman shift: 3600-0 cm-1
Accumulations: 256
Resolution: 4 cm-1

     The SPECARB spectra will be available for download in GIF and Perkin Elmer ASCII formats, respectively.

  丹麦KVL的食品技术研究组 (化学计量学)

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