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基于Java的化学信息处理工具ChemAxon (Marvin, JChem and more)


     ChemAxon is a company specialized in the development of chemical software solutions for the biotechnology- and pharmaceutical industries.
Their products and services include tools for the storage, management and display of chemical structures and reactions on various platforms. ChemAxon provides a collection of Java tools for drawing, searching and displaying chemical structures and substructures.

ChemAxon Ltd.
Máramaros koz 3/a
Budapest, 1037 Hungary
Tel.: +361 4532658 (Alt: +361 4532660, +361 4532661)
Fax.: +361 4532659

     ChemAxon toolkits currently includes:

Marvin for editing and viewing chemical structures, reactions and queries,
Calculator Plugins for prediction of various properties based on structure,
JChem Base for structure and reaction searching and database handling,
JChem Cartridge for Oracle database integration, Standardiser for structure canonisation,
Reactor for structure transformations and library enumeration,
Screen for pharmacophore and structure based screening,
JKlustor for clustering and diversity analysis

     Some of ChemAxon tools are free for academic use and some kinds of applications. Please find the detailed conditions from their web sites.

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