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NIST标准参考数据库 - 离子液体数据库(IUPAC Ionic Liquids Database, ILThermo)


NIST Standard Reference Database #147

     IUPAC Ionic Liquids Database, ILThermo, is a free web research tool that allows users worldwide to access an up-to-date data collection from the publications on experimental investigations of thermodynamic, and transport properties of ionic liquids as well as binary and ternary mixtures containing ionic liquids. It aims to provide users worldwide with up-to-date information on publications of experimental investigation on ionic liquids, including numerical values of chemical and physical properties, measurement methods, sample purity, uncertainty of property values, as well as many other significant measurement details. The database can be searched by means of the ions constituting the ionic liquids, the ionic liquids themselves, their properties and references.


Well organized and archived information on current and historical investigations on ionic liquids
Detailed description of key elements in the experimental investigations such as sample purification and measurement methods
Worldwide collection of scientific journals
Up-to-date information on major publications on ionic liquids
Comprehensive and thorough data presentation through a series of Master/Child data views


Chemical identifier Information of ions
Chemical identifier Information of ionic liquids
Binary mixture systems containing ionic liquids
Ternary mixture systems containing ionic liquids
Thermodynamic properties
Thermochemical properties
Transport properties


  检索NIST数据库系列(NIST Data Gateway)

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