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     Battelle serves industry and government in developing new technologies and products. Battelle (Memorial Institute), which began operations in 1929, was established in Columbus, Ohio, by Gordon Battelle and serves as a memorial to his family—leaders in America's early steel industry.

Battelle has a staff of 7,500 scientists, engineers, and support specialists. Each year, thousands of technology projects are in progress at Battelle's various business operations. These projects are performed for nearly 2,000 companies and government agencies. Battelle's business volume is nearly $1 billion a year. Typically, this work results in between 50-100 patented inventions each year.

Major technology centers are located in Columbus, Ohio; Richland, Washington; and Geneva, Switzerland. Specialized facilities, regional centers, and offices are located in more than 40 other cities in the United States and Europe. Battelle has correspondents throughout the world. Battelle also operates the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; and manages Brookhaven National Laboratory (in partnership with the State University of New York at Stony Brook); National Renewable Energy Laboratory (in a partnership with Midwest Research Institute and Bechtel); and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (in partnership with the University of Tennessee).

  ISI统计:化学领域最有影响的研究机构, 1992-2002
  美国能源部:西北太平洋国家实验室PNNL(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

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