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油气在线: Oil and Gas Online


     Established in Jan. 1999, Managing Editor: Dev George, free membership,launched by VerticalNet, Inc.

Oil and Gas Online, the premier Internet community for the international upstream petroleum industry. This site is designed to serve the needs of oil company executives, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, oilfield service providers, company managers, business executives, and others involved in exploration, drilling, completion, and production services for the petroleum industry.

Visitors to Oil and Gas Online will find daily news and product updates; information on manufacturing, technology, exploration, equipment, and supplies; industry-specific discussion forums; a free software download library, and much more.

The topics and equipment covered on Oil and Gas Online include oil and gas concessions, exploration and completion technology, deepwater drilling, drilling platforms, platform abandonment, floating production, offshore production, geophysical data, seismic technology, subsea pipelines, visualization technology, subsurface modeling and interpretation software, drilling software, and more.

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