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TriSociety* Symposium, 2002 (化学图书馆的变革:会议论文摘要、幻灯片)


     The TriSociety Symposium is a joint venture of the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Information, Chemistry Division of the Special Libraries Association and the American Society for Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group on Scientific and Technical Information Systems. Its aim is to advance co-operation among the chemical information professionals of the three participating societies by holding a joint one-day symposium on a topic of mutual interest every four years.

TriSociety* Symposium, 2002 was the seventh symposium. Abstracts and slides of some presentations are available.

Speakers and session chairpersons

New knowledge management systems: the implications for data discovery, collection development, and the changing role of the librarian. (Keynote Address)
David Stern, Director of Science Libraries and Information Services
Kline Science Library, Yale University

Making the Transition from Print to Electronic Serial Collections: a new model for chemistry libraries?
Tina E. Chrzastowski, Chemistry Librarian and Professor of Library Administration
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

Changing Use Patterns of Print Journals in the Digital Age: Impacts of Electronic Equivalents on Print Chemistry Journal Use
K.T. L. Vaughan, NCSU Libraries Fellow
Scholarly Communication Center and Collection Management Department
North Carolina State University

Errata for Online Journal Articles in the Physical Sciences
Emily Poworoznek, Engineering and Physical Sciences Librarian and Assistant Professor
University of New Hampshire

The Evolving Electronic Library: Linking, Integrating, and Indexing Content
Terry Wright, PhD & Timothy Hoctor
MDL Information Systems

Beyond Journals: Building the Digital Research Environment
Harry Boyle
Chemical Abstracts Service

Reaction Search Online, Science of Synthesis

Kristina Kurz, Ph. D.
Sales Manager, Electronic Products
Thieme New York

Intranets in the Corporate Search Environment
Randy Nielsen
CAS Product Marketing Manager

Taking advantage of electronic Resources: a corporate library move to a virtual library
Marilynn Dunker & Steve Elliott
Business Information Services
The Procter & Gamble Company

Managing Tradeoffs in the Electronic Age
A. Ben Wagner
Physical Sciences Librarian
Science & Engineering Library, University of Buffalo

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