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JME 分子编辑器 (Java applet)


【作者】 Peter Ertl

【语言版本】 Java1.0

【收费情况】  免费

【用途】 JME Molecular Editor is a Java program which allows to draw, edit, and display molecules and reactions in a stand-alone mode or as an applet directly within an HTML page. The Editor can generate SMILES of created structure, so it can be used as a front-end to molecular and reaction databases or property calculation services. Editor can generate SMILES or MDL mol file of created structures.

The applet has been developed by Peter Ertl as a part of web-based cheminformatics and molecular modelling system at Novartis. Due to many requests, the applet has been released to the public and become standard for molecular structure input on the web with more than 1500 installations worldwide.



     JME editor is relatively small (37 kB).

Since the program is written in Java1.0, it is compatible with all common web browsers.

Availability of JME

The latest version of JME editor may be obtained (for free) directly from its author Peter Ertl. Send mail to

Please mention in your mail that you learned about the JME from the Molinspiration web site.

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Summary by 梁春燕 on 2003-07-30

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2003-08-04

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