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     RTECS is a definitive toxicological database with supplemental information pertinent to both the chemical industry and the occupational safety and health community. This technical data is needed to assess workers’ exposures to chemicals, particularly to lesser-known-and-used chemical substances.

OSHA has designated RTECS as a primary source for toxicity data for Material Safety Data Sheets in its Hazard Communications Rule. In recent years RTECS has grown to include more than 160,000 chemicals.

The toxicological data are organized into six fields: primary irritation, mutagenic effects, reproductive effects, tumorigenic effects, acute toxicity and multiple dose toxicity. Each data line includes the citation to its bibliographic source.

RTECS provides a host of reference data including, but not limited to: CAS Numbers, OSHA PELS, ACGIH TLVs, NIOSH RELS, Carcinogenic assessments, Beilstein Reference Numbers, and Bioassay results from the National Toxicology Program.

  美国职业安全与健康国立研究所 (NIOSH)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2005-06-10

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