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伦敦科学博物馆 (科普知识)


     Science Museum at london is the world's leading centre for the presentation of contemporary science and technology. On its web, science and techology is demonstrated in a interactive and funny style. The following sections will give the visitors a interesting science travel!

Wellcome Wing explores the latest ideas and issues in a series of thought-provoking interactive displays.

Online Exhibitions and Interactives discover more about science, scientific people and events through our collections of exhibitions and interactives.

Exhiblets are digital exhibitions which use the Museum's collections to describe important events, discoveries and personalities in science and technology.

Launch Pad is the Museum’s biggest and most popular interactive gallery. See highlights of their
exciting science shows, check out what visitors have to say, get your hands on with their DIY exhibits and play our new online game, based on their popular Grain Pit interactive.

The origins of the Science Museum lie in the nineteenth-century movement to improve scientific and technical education. Prince Albert was a leading figure in this movement, and he was primarily responsible for the Great Exhibition of 1851 to promote the achievements of science and technology.

The National Heritage Act of 1983 meant that the Museum was transferred from a government department to a Board of Trustees with members appointed by the Prime Minister. A period of rapid expansion followed. New interactive galleries, such as Launch Pad and Flight Lab, were opened, supplementary exhibitions were initiated and the Museum developed a busy programme of activities and events. New Galleries in 1996 included the imaginative "Secret Life of the Home" and extensive new hands-on education facilities.


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