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Spectra Heap (光谱分析数据库软件)


【作者】 Arch Ltd.

【用途】 Spectra Heap's main function includes:

About 100 000 spectral lines arranged by element and by wavelength
Emission lines of 98 chemical elements from Hydrogen to Einsteinium
Selected lines, most important in practical applications
Only experimentally measured, not theoretically calculated lines
An intuitive, convenient user interface
Powerful software for searching the database based on multiple criteria
Quick choice of lines appropriate for analysis
Graphical representation of search results
Search for overlapping lines
Line sorting according to different criteria
Work with any number of groups of chosen elements
Data on line excitation sources
Data on excitation potentials
Atomic and ionic lines
Multi-user interface
Saving of user settings and search criteria
Unlimited number of customizable, user-adjustable reports
Reference book on basic physical and chemical properties of the elements

     Spectra Heap is a fundamentally new reference source for analysts using optical emission spectroscopy technique. It brings the data required in analyst's everyday work in a convenient and compact form. It eases and widens the use and search of spectral data. It also serves as essential tool for professional education and training.


Arch Ltd.
Podebradova 697/16
182 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 603 461212
Fax: + 420 283 910667

Contact Person: Kontsevoi Boris

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