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CAS will cover "Preprints" on the Web(CA将摘录Web上的文档) (2000-06-02)

     CAS Expands Its Coverage of Scientific Publishing on the Internet

     Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:43:41 -0400
From: "Shively, Eric"
Subject: CAS announces coverage of preprints

May 30, 2000


CAS Expands Its Coverage of Scientific Publishing on the Internet

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 30, 2000- Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS),
producer of the most authoritative compendium of
chemistry-related information, has begun to abstract and index
preprints, a new class of research report distributed on the Web
in advance of or in lieu of formal publication. Adding this new
type of document to CAS coverage is in line with CAS' traditional
policy of making available to researchers the full range of
publicly disclosed information in chemistry.

CAS will monitor preprint servers in chemistry-related fields and
begin indexing preprints posted in the year 2000. Abstracts and
indexing for preprints will appear in CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS (CA) and
CAplus and associated databases. The information will be
accessible through all CAS electronic search services, including
SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, STN International, STN Express, STN
Easy, STN on the Web, and CA on CD. CAS will process preprints
as it does articles in traditionally published journals. CAS
document analysts, who are themselves scientists, will summarize
the content in concise abstracts and provide detailed indexing to
lead researchers to relevant studies. Preprints will be
distinquished from journal articles and other documents by a
special field code.

"CAS embraced the Internet and Web from the beginning as a
ground-breaking new channel for scientific communication," said
Dr. Matthew J. Toussant, CAS Director of Editorial Operations.
"Just as we have covered 'electronic-only' journals for years, we
will provide research pathways to this latest category of
information exchange between scientists."

CAS will continue to apply its usual criteria in selecting
documents for coverage in CA. Web preprints reviewed by CAS
scientists are those that

- report new information of chemical or chemical engineering

- identify authorship, either personal or organizational;

- are publicly available (whether free of charge, for a fee or
through subscription)

- are expected to have some relative permanence or continued
accessibility through a citable electronic address;

- are original publications.

"CAS has always reflected the progress of research," said
Toussant. "A significant number of studies are now appearing on
Web preprint servers, and it is appropriate for CAS to include
these records in the interest of providing the most comprehensive
and current coverage of chemistry."

CAS interprets "chemical" literature broadly to include
chemistry-related papers in neighboring disciplines such as
biomedicine, physics, and many others. Beyond the strictly
chemical preprints, CAS expects many others appearing this year
will meet CAS' subject criteria. Several thousand preprints in
the chemical, biological/medical, materials science and
environmental sciences are expected to be added to CAS databases
during 2000. CAS estimates that the total number of preprints
will account for less than 1% of the documents CAS will add to
its databases this year.

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is the world's
leader in providing scientists online and Web access to
chemistry-related research data. CAS produces the world's
largest and most comprehensive databases of chemical
information. This information is combined with sophisticated
search and analysis software vital to new product and patent
research, as well as academic research in the world's leading
universities. The CAS databases include more than 19 million
abstracts of chemistry-related literature and patents and 24
million substance records. CAS publishes the print version of
Chemical Abstracts (CA), related publications and CD-ROM
services; operates the CAS Chemical Registry; produces a family
of online databases; and offers the SciFinder desktop research
tool. CAS operates STN International, a network of scientific
and technical databases, in association with FIZ Karlsruhe in
Germany and the Japan Science and Technology Corporation. The
CAS Web site is at

Eric Shively

  Chemical Abstracts Service (美国化学文摘社CAS) e-Print archive (物理学、计算机、数学论文电子存档)

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-06-02

Last updated by 黄苏华 on 2000-06-20

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