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联合国工业发展组织:工业统计数据库 (UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database (INDSTAT3))


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     Since 1984 UNIDO has been making available on CD-ROM to researchers outside the United Nations system its database (INDSTAT3) on industrial statistics at the 3-digit level of Revision 2 of the International Standard Industrial classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC).

Statisticians have given particular attention to the need to reconcile differences in national statistical practices, as reflected in the use of different classifications and definitions and in variations in the scope and coverage of data. Despite the fact that majority of countries reporting regularly have made a switch-over from Revision 2 to Revision 3 of ISIC in their data-reporting systems, UNIDO maintains the ISIC (Revision 2)-based INDSTAT3 Database, which refers to 1963 onwards, for long-term analysis.

The data are arranged according to the ISIC at the three-digit level, which provides for the inclusion of 29 industries (see Table 2) in the manufacturing sector. Information refers to each of the following items and is presented by country, year and ISIC category: number of establishments, employment, wages and salaries, output, value added, gross fixed capital formation, number of female employees and production indexes. All value data are originally stored in national currency values at current prices. The system allows for data conversion from national currency into current U.S. dollars using the average period exchange rates as given in the IMF International Financial Statistics (IFS) under series rf.

The Table below shows the extent of coverage in the 2002 version of the database in approximate numbers of observations.


Number of establishments (a) 43,800
Employment 98,800
Females employed (a) 14,100
Wages and salaries 91,200
Output 91,400
Value added 86,700
Gross fixed capital formation 56,700
Production indexes 101,400

Number of countries 175
Reference period: 1963-2000
(a) Reference period: 1981-1999.


Four major sources have been used in compiling and cleaning the data contained in the UNIDO database. First, industry data reported in country questionnaires are included. National publications for industrial censuses, annual surveys and input-output tables are the second. Over 1,000 such publications have been collected by UNIDO during the project. Thirdly, international sources, both published and unpublished, have been used. Finally, a fourth source has been national data compiled by statisticians engaged by UNIDO to work in specific countries. Furthermore, the data have been supplemented with UNIDO estimates.

Data for OECD member countries are collected by OECD through OECD/UNIDO joint country questionnaires and provided to UNIDO for inclusion in the database.

The methods used and the extent to which comparability and consistency have been achieved to date are described in "UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database - Methodological Notes" (IRD/R.11).

  Statistical Abstract of the United States (美国统计概要1995 - 2001)

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