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Chemical Society Reviews


【出版者】 The Royal Society of Chemistry


     Chemical Society Reviews publishes short introductory overviews of topics of current interest across the chemical sciences. The philosophy of the journal is to introduce chemists not familiar with the field under discussion to the most recent thinking and developments. The reviews are not aimed at the expert and as such are written in a friendly, informative style. Authors, who are renowned workers in the field, are asked to define necessary technical terms but to avoid jargon. A background and historical context to the review are given as well as a clear but concise guide to current thought. Interdisciplinary and innovative ideas are positively encouraged by the Editorial Board; this makes the reviews accessible to the non-expert. A comprehensive account is not provided, rather, the review should act as a springboard for interested readers to begin further reading. The expert may also gain new insights into the field because of the interdisciplinary approach.

As a result, Chemical Society Reviews has a wide appeal. Students about to embark on a career in research will find valuable background information to a wide variety of topics. Experienced researchers looking for a new direction will be inspired by the interdisciplinary nature of the reviews. Chemists wanting to keep up with advances outside their own immediate interests will be fascinated by the research explained in the journal.

Editorial Board
Jeremy Sanders (Chairman)Cambridge, UK
Chris Elschenbroich Marburg, Germany
Horst Kunz Mainz, Germany
Jan-Erling Backvall Stockholm , Sweden
Ernest Giralt Barcelona, Spain
John Maier Basel, Switzerland
Gert Billing Copenhagen, Denmark
Zdenek Herman Prague, Czech Republic
A Prasanna de Silva Belfast, N. Ireland
Kevin Booker-Milburn Bristol, UK
Gerard van Koten Utrecht, Netherlands

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