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Marinlit (海洋天然产物文献数据库)


     Department of Chemistry, University of Canterbury

     Marinlit is a database of the marine natural products literature. In addition to the usual bibliographic data, the database contains an extensive collection of keywords, trivial names, compound information including structures, formulae, molecular mass, numbers of various functional groups, and UV data. All of these items can be searched for either individually or in various logical combinations. Taxonomic data are also included, permitting the exploration of relationships at various levels such as genus, family or order. Bibliographic data can be exported in a format suitable for entry into EndNote. Marinlit also has all of the structures available in ChemFinder files. By using your own copy of CS ChemOffice, these files can be searched, from within Marinlit, for substructures.

An optional version of Marinlit contains calculated 13C and 1H NMR chemical shift data for all compounds in Marinlit. The 13C data can be searched for patterns of shifts from within Marinlit. The ability to search on the 1H data will be provided later in the year. These data have been generated through collaboration with ACD/Labs.

The number of references from 947 journals/books is 14,800 with data for 14,500 compounds. These compounds have been derived from 3,018 species from 1,822 genera from 22 phyla. Annual updates to the Marinlit files are available for a small charge.

  AntiBase (微生物、高等真菌)

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