ChIN简介页:美国前50名胶粘剂与密封剂生产商排名 (2001年发布)
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美国前50名胶粘剂与密封剂生产商排名 (2001年发布)


【作者】  Kristin Johansson

【来源杂志或书籍】  Adhesives & Sealants Industry magazine

【出版日期】  10/01/2001

     This issue is about the information of the fourth annual listing of the country's top adhesives and sealants manufacturers supplied by Adhesives & Sealants Industry magazine. Due to the fact that approximately 38% of the Top 50 companies did not want their sales figures published, they decided to list the companies alphabetically rather than rank them by sales figures, as they have in the past.

Included with each company's listing is contact information, estimated 2000 adhesives and sealants sales figures (if publishable), subsidiaries and recent acquisitions, and a company profile. This year, because of a tie, there are actually 51 companies included in the Top 50 listing.

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