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美国芝加哥大学化学系:Takeshi Oka教授的研究小组



     Takeshi Oka
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Astronomy & Astrophysics

     Takeshi Oka

Office: SCL 268, 5735 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773)702-7070
Fax: (773)702-0805

Born Tokyo, Japan, 1932.
of Tokyo, B.S., 1955; Ph.D., 1960.
Fellow, JSPS, University of Tokyo, 1960-1963.
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, 1963-1981.
The University of Chicago, Professor, 1981-.
Joint Appointment in the Department of Astronomy and Astrohysics and the Enrico Fermi Institute.

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Fellow, American Physical Society
Fellow, Optical Society of America
Fellow, Royal Society of London
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada
2003 Earl W. McDaniel Lecture Georgia Institute of Technology.
2002 E. B. Wilson Award of ACS.
2001 Honoris caua, University of Waterloo.
2000 George Pimentel Memorial Lecture, University of California, Berkeley.
1998 Ellis R. Lippincott Award, Optical Society of America.
1998 Medaili Jana Marca Marci.
1997 William F. Meggers Award, Optical Society of America.
1997 Distinguished JILA Visitor.
1995 Golden Jubilee Lecture, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.
1992 Special Issue, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, Vol. 153.
1992 Lecturer, International School of Physics, "Enrico Fermi".
1992 Lord Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1990 Burlington Northern Achievement Award.
1989 McDowell Lecturer, University of British Columbia.
1985-1986 Chancellor's Distinguished Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley.
1982 Earle K. Plyler Prize of APS.
1981-1982 Centenary Lecturer, Royal Society.
1973 Steacie Prize.

Students in the Oka group use a variety of infrared, near-infrared and visible laser radiation sources to conduct high-resolution high-sensitivity spectroscopy of molecular ions in laboratory plasmas. Their studies are closely related to astronomy, and they also observe the absorption and emission spectra of these ions in astronomical objects. The unifying theme of their studies is the understanding of the quantum mechanics and dynamics of fundamental molecular ions and their behavior in astronomical objects.

  2002年美国化学会国家奖获得者 (ACS 2002 National Award Recipients)

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