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Aeon Technology Inc


     This is web page of Aeon Technology Inc. It is founded by the principle author of the COMPASS force field, Aeon Technology Inc. designs and develops innovative molecular modeling software to serve research communities in both the material and life sciences.

Aeon has developed a unique product, Direct Force Field, that can be used to build molecular mechanics force fields automatically when existing force fields are insufficient or inaccurate. Combining a fitting engine for deriving parameters, a simulation engine for validation and optimization, and a fragment-based force field database for managing force field parameters. this product is capable of creating a truly transferable, extensible, accurate and modularized (TEAM) force field. In addition to developing and distributing software products, Aeon provides contract research services.

Aeon Technology Inc.
9823 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 858-603-1900 Fax: 858-677-0240

     Direct Force Field is new product of Aeon Technology Inc currently designed for expert users who are interested in developing force fields. They can make a customized force field in an extraordinarily short time for customs.
They can also perform simulation tasks, from force field developments to property predictions.

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