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MOlecular GAsphase DOCumentation (MOGADOC, 分子气相微波、电子衍射、分子放射天文)


     Sektion für Spektren- und Strukturdokumentation

     a powerful tool for scientists all over the world to retrieve information about gas phase investigations. Covering both laboratory and astronomical literature it provides the user with a fast and easy access to literature of either field. So it is possible to keep track of current subjects of interest and molecules under study and to retrieve information about laboratory work related to astronomical studies.

Currently the customer's version of this database contains over 27,700 bibliographic entries for 8,500 compounds (including 4,700 numerical datasets for internuclear distances and bond angles), which gives a complete coverage of publications for

electron diffraction since 1930,
microwave spectroscopy since 1945, and
molecular radioastronomy since 1960.


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