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     Excerpt from News Bulletin - Volume 3, Issue 40

Year 2000 - what happened at

This year saw the addition of 66 new journals added to the
library, 7 new databases, 3 new Forums, The Chemistry Preprint Server (CPS),
the new Conference Centre, the newly expanded Careers Centre and the
redesigned Shopping Mall.

*54 new Elsevier Science journals added including FREE
Tetrahedron Letters Fast, 9 FREE Polymer journals and 31
Biochemistry journals.
*Also all abstracts to ES journals are now FREE.
*12 Dekker journals

To see any of these journals go to:

*Bretherick's Reactive Chemical Hazards - FREE until 1st February 2001
*IFI Claims Patent Services - FREE
*Chapman & Hall/CRC Properties of Organic Compounds
*AutoNom - FREE
*Ashley Abstracts - FREE

To see any of the databases go to:

Unfortunately at the end of this year, 9 databases will be removed due to
circumstances beyond our control.

Current Drugs have ceased delivering updates to the following products
and have asked us to remove them:
*Investigational Drugs Daily Highlights
*Agrochemical Patent fast-alert
*Patent fast-alert

The RSC is reviewing their whole database policy and have asked us to
remove the following products:
*RSC Analytical Abstracts
*RSC Chemical Business NewsBase
*RSC Chemical Safety NewsBase

We have (temporarily) removed the following Elsevier Science products
following a change of data format:
*World Textiles
this will enable us to focus efforts on the redesign and
re-engineering process.

*Organic.Chemistry Forum
*Materials.Chemistry Forum
*Polymer Forum - with 9 FREE Polymer journals until 1st June 2001

To see any of these Forums go to:

*The Chemistry Preprint Server is the major new initiative for the chemistry
community, that is powered by It is a freely available and a
permanent web archive and distribution medium for research articles in the
field of chemistry.

To visit the CPS go to:

*Each entry holds even more information - and you can now check weather
details, buy travel guides, rent a car, reserve hotel rooms and book flights
online through our partner sites. As a member you will also
benefit from special low rates and fares.

To find out more information about any conferences go to:

*The Careers Centre offers a searchable database of hundreds of chemistry
related jobs, studentships and resumes. The new browse pages make navigation
easier. Posting your resume is FREE. You can also advertise your skills in our new database of consultants.

To check out any vacancies go to:

*The Shopping Mall has been relaunched. It now includes a Book
Store with almost 75,000 titles and a Software Store with over 160 titles.
You can also take advantage of the Featured Products and Special Offers.

To buy any books or software you are looking for go to:

  从ChemWeb检索《分析文摘》(Analytical Abstracts)库
  化工商业新闻Chemical Business NewsBase (CBNB)
  化学安全信息库Chemical Safety NewsBase
  ChemWeb的9种高分子期刊免费至2001年5月底 (2000-12-01)
  ChemWeb.com站点提供Elsevier Science期刊的免费摘要

Summary by 李晓霞 on 2000-12-21

Last updated by 李晓霞 on 2001-07-18

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