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Spectra Online,Galactic (红外谱图)


【数据内容】 is a unique web site dedicated to providing analytical chemists with on-line access to high quality FTIR and Raman spectral libraries.

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Spectra Online has been a searchable database containing over 6,000 IR, MS, NMR (proton, carbon and other nuclei), UV/VIS and NIR spectra. The database is a collection of public domain and other data generously contributed from various sources. Pure compounds include chemical formula, CAS number, chemical name, chemical structures and other chemical properties if available. Spectra Online is maintained as a FREE service to the chemical community and contributions from individuals or institutions are gratefully accepted (email:
Spectra Online allows you to query the database by a variety of text parameters as well as by submitting a spectrum, in which case a full point-by-point spectral match is performed to find the closest match to your spectrum. Currently, only IR spectra (in wavenumbers) is supported and the spectrum must be in Galactic SPC format.

Spectra Online is powered by Galactic’s Spectral Server software which is commercially available to provide scalable data management solutions from workgroups up to enterprise wide solutions. Galactic's spectral library searching software, Spectral ID, is compatible with the most popular commercial libraries and is a powerful solution for users who need to search libraries located locally on their desktop, shared file server, or central server.

Spectra Online data sources:

American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) MSDC Database
EPA Public Domain Vapor Phase FT-IR Library
EPA-AECD Gas Phase HAP Database
FBI FT-IR Fibers Library (Spectrochimica Acta)
IUCr CPD Quantitative Phase XRD Round Robin Test Set
PhotoMetrics Inc. FT-IR Library
David Sullivan FT-IR Library
Edward Orton Infrared Spectra of Solid Phase Synthesis Resins
USDA Instrumentation Research Lab NIR Library
U.S. Geological Survey Digital Spectral Library

     原来的Spectra Online,Galactic的免费服务站点

  FT-IR Library of David Sullivan
  质谱:Mass Spectrometry Database,American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  EPA spectral database
  FBI FT-IR Fibers Library (Spectrochimica Acta)
  Galactic, Thermo Electron Corporation (谱图数据处理软件)
  如何查找紫外-可见谱图 (2002-06-18)
  小型光谱数据库下载Optical Databases Download Page

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