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Bruce D. Roth, Pfizer Inc, USA


     Bruce D. Roth of Ann Arbor, Mich., has received the 2003 ACS Award for Creative Invention from the American Chemical Society at its national meeting in New Orleans.

Roth is vice president of chemistry at Pfizer Global Research and Development.

The highly complex fungal products, called statins, blocked cholesterol synthesis at a key step. Roth's challenge was to make a molecule that acted the same as statins but was straightforward to assemble. He met that challenge in 1985.

Between his discovery and Lipitor's market debut in 1997, however, were 12 years of more work: first, to make the drug in pure form, then to scale up from laboratory to cost-efficient manufacturing. Only then came the decision to begin human clinical trials. Along the way were entire teams of chemists and others who contributed to Lipitor's development, Roth noted.

The trick to Roth's structure was first learning what parts of statins were necessary to work and in what fashion. Then he studied which he could replace with simpler components. The part of Lipitor that anchors the drug in place, for example, went from a highly complicated structure to one that used equally bulky but readily available molecular rings.

Pfizer says the drug has since logged more than 36-million patient years of experience and some 400 clinical trials involving more than 80,000 patients to demonstrate its safety and efficacy.


Pfizer Inc
New York, NY 10017

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